Hello Billings!

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Welcome to the Simply Modern LLC remodeling blog where you can expect to find a comprehensive list of all things remodel, renovation, and even some custom-made furniture. Here, you’ll also find the latest news from our design and build teams, see recent projects we’re working on, discuss on latest remodeling trends and styles out there and have all your questions answered regarding your next remodeling or furniture project.

We’re excited to be located here in the magic city of Billings, Montana. We’re very passionate about educating homeowners about home/office remodeling ideas, furniture building ideas, design and execution procedures and we hope this blog helps you in the process of dealing with all of your remodeling projects.

Whether you are looking for some simple ideas for your next kitchen or bathroom project, or you need professional advice about your decision to totally revamp your home, we’ll do our best to provide you all the information you need and help to put you on the right track.

Our blogs will cover specific topics related to:

  • Remodeling designs and styles for the different types of rooms in your house
  • Remodeling guides for all types of home renovation projects
  • Home improvement ideas and guidance.
  • Basement renovation ideas
  • Guidance on home repairs
  • Custom furniture ideas and designs
  • Planning and execution on different remodeling project ideas
  • And so much more

Furthermore, we hope to help you with the entire process of remodeling your home or office, from the brainstorming phase to the execution phase and the completion phase of your newly-designed space. So if you’re just looking for ideas, or you want to get well-researched answers to all of your questions, we’ll do our best to provide all our readers with the resources they need to get things done.

If there are any latest tricks, trends, styles out there about home remodeling or DIY furniture ideas, you’ll also find it here. We might also need to sometimes talk about the history and definition of different remodeling products and materials that you might require for your home or office projects.

Time to embark on that next home remodeling project

Simply Modern LLC has over the years gained extensive knowledge and experience in home remodeling and custom-built furniture of various types. We have the best team to help you with your home remodeling projects and we’re also ready to assist you by answering all of your important questions at no extra cost so that you don’t make common mistakes most people make on their first or next home/office remodeling project.

We hope you’ll be able to get a feel of our company’s values, reputation and capabilities from regularly engaging our content and we hope this marks the beginning of a very long, lasting and productive relationship between us.

If you’re ready to talk about your next project, please fill out our free estimate form by clicking here.

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